Free Weights Gym Flooring

Free weight areas are ripe with people dropping heavy dumbbells and moving benches around. The floor takes a serious beating as a result. Whether we’re talking about the abrasion caused by dragging benches or impacts caused by dropping weights, adequate free weights gym flooring is essential to protect the substrate and provide a safe footing for gym goers to get their workout in.

What you need

The best free weight flooring for your gym depends on the type of weighted area we’re talking about and the workouts performed. Heavy-duty interlocking rubber tiles are available in 30mm and 40mm thicknesses to create separate lifting areas for heavyweight work.

For general use dumbbell areas, polyurethane bonded rubber flooring would suffice paired with a shock absorbing elastic underlay. For deadlift areas, impact protection slabs should be installed. These can be as thick as 80mm to accommodate even the heaviest lifters.

Buying advice

For hard substrates we recommend at a minimum a two-layer system comprising an underlay and flooring. The underlay should be shock and sound absorbing to complement the sound deadening qualities of the flooring.

For benched areas with dumbbells and movable benches, the abrasion and impact resistance of polyurethane bonded rubber flooring is highly desirable. If the correct thickness is chosen, then together with an underlay this could be all you need to protect the substrate from weights being dropped.

Deadlift areas need further protection since it is reasonable to assume weights of several hundred kilograms will be used in these areas. We recommend rubber impact protection slabs which can be installed on top of the polyurethane floor or on top of an underlay. This will provide safety for the user and protect the substrate. Lastly, make sure to have your free weights gym flooring installed by a professional like us so it stands the test of time.

SPORTEC Style Tile

Standard colours

Style Tile with a PURCOLOR finish

Style Tile with a UNI-VERSA finish (for outdoor areas)

Free Weights Flooring Technical Data:

Tensile strength: min 0.7 N/mm2 (EN ISO 1798)
Anti-slip properties: R10 (DIN 51130) / R9 (DIN 51130; with a PURCOLOR finish)
Anti-slip properties (wet): C (DIN 51097; UNI-VERSA finish only)
Step sound insulation: 26dB
VOC emission rating: A+

Free Weights Flooring Oak Inserts

Free Weights Flooring Oak Inserts provide a dedicated lifting space for Olympic lifting and are easily integrated into our performance flooring solutions. To create your own unique identity we can even add your business logo to the inserts. Oak inserts are manufactured in the UK and available in four standard sizes:

2m x 1m x 30mm (L x W x Thickness)
3m x 1m x 30mm (L x W x Thickness)
2m x 1m x 40mm (L x W x Thickness)
3m x 1m x 40mm (L x W x Thickness)

The TVS Oak Inserts must be positioned on a solid and level surface.

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