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Choosing Home Gym Flooring That Works For You

Home Gym Flooring

Home Gym Flooring

Working out at home should be enjoyable and safe. The home gym flooring you install plays an important role in this because it’s what you work out on. Come to think of it, no other equipment in your gym is used as much as the floor. You interact with it every time you get a sweat on so it’s absolutely essential it’s fit for purpose.

Weight training

Home gym flooring should be designed to suit your workouts. If you use free weights, kettlebells and weight plates, 30mm interlocking rubber tiles will be a good option (40mm for heavy areas). If you practice deadlifts or other heavy lifts, impact protection slabs will be beneficial. These can be up to 80mm thick.

Aerobic studios

If you’re wanting to build an aerobic studio at home, you’ll want a home gym flooring system suitable for yoga, Pilates, HIIT and Zumba. The home gym flooring system should be none-slip and low maintenance. We recommend PuzzleMatts, which are interlocking tiles with excellent anti-slip properties and step sound insulation.

Sled lanes

If you use plyometric boxes, tyres or drag and run equipment, you’ll want a flooring system with high abrasion resistance. A polypropylene sled lane is a good choice here, with the flooring used typically being much smoother than tiles. The flooring is a membrane and can be combined with elastic layers to provide shock absorption.

Mixed training

If you’re building a mixed-use gym (free weights, a treadmill, an exercise bike, smith machine etc.) you want a flooring system that’s hard-wearing, anti-slip and shock absorbing to prevent injury. A great option is EPDM rubber flooring or polyurethane bonded recycled rubber. These are affordable, low maintenance options.

A good rule of thumb is most home gym flooring will benefit from rubber floor tiles. These come in a wide range of thicknesses to suit your training intensity. They’re also easy to replace if damaged and have excellent sound insulation.

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