Sprint Track Gym Flooring

A gym sprint track is used not just for sprints, but also plyometric box exercises, lunges, farmer’s walks, rope pulls and tyre work. It therefore has to be the grippiest surface in the gym where feet are concerned. Sprint track gym flooring is a specialised product offering the firmness, shock absorption and grip required underfoot.

When looking for a sprint track, you want a combination of energy return and comfort to enable gym goers to get their workouts in safely.

What you need

We recommend synthetic rubber sprint tracks in 8mm thickness or in 4mm thickness with a 10mm elastic layer. The sprint surface is made from EPDM rubber for exceptional durability, while the elastic layer is usually SBR.

Powerful sprinters hone their skills indoors on synthetic rubber tracks because they are safe and deliver a consistent sprint experience. Personal trainers have their clients do plyometric work on them because they offer a dedicated space away from free weights, plates and people queuing around for machines.

Buying advice

Track and sprint lanes need to provide great shock absorption and high energy return to reduce risk of injury and provide an optimal sprint feel.

We recommend a minimum width of 1.2m and a minimum length of 15m. The EPDM material itself looks good enough and transitions well with other materials. Sprint lines and distance markers can be applied afterwards.

Whether or not you need an elastic layer underneath the EPDM surface depends on the substrate beneath. If it is a hard floor, we would recommend an elastic layer to protect the substrate. If your sprint track gym flooring will be installed over existing rubber flooring or an existing elastic layer, you can probably go straight for the top surface. If in doubt, speak to a professional supplier and installer like us.

SPORTEC Fusion Classic

SPORTEC Fusion Classic is a fine grain EPDM sports flooring bonded to a shock absorbing elastic layer.

Sprint Track Flooring - This flooring provides a cushioned floor covering and reduces impact forces on joints – the risk of injury is reduced and it is therefore particularly recommended for indoor sports facilities in schools and leisure centres.

The elastic layer and the top layer are delivered as pre-fabricated rubber rolls, simplifying the installation process because only one roll needs to be glued to the substrate. The surface is easy to maintain and can be sealed with our 2-part polyurethane compound – RZ Turbo Protect.

Technical Data:

Colours: Red or Blue
Roll width: 1.25m
Roll length: 15.0m
Thickness: 8mm
Tensile strength: min. 0.7 N/mm2
Anti-slip property: R9 (DIN 55130)

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